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    "Adrian Jones has helped me greatly with my career. He not only has complete knowledge and ability but he has the patience, personality and communication talents to help students make real breakthroughs. His work with me was instrumental in helping me to greater and greater levels of performance and the best value I’ve ever gotten in my musical education."

    Mike Downing
    The Hippy Mafia


    "Being both a vocal and guitar student of Adrian's I was able to glimpse the true artistic prowess he possessed and was willing to share. Although I have gone onto other musical education institutions, it was my time with Adrian that I value above all. I still put to practice the techniques he shared and I believe his teachings can be easily identified in my original music ventures. I will always be thankful for the way he taught musical theory and structure without letting it be a limiting or restricting factor to the creative process. Through Adrian's teachings I became a more proficient performer, songwriter, vocalist, and overall musician. To a brilliant musician, teacher, songwriter, and friend, I thank you."

    Cody Barton
    Cody Barton Music


    "Great teachers are like superheros - they do what others can't and leave everyone happier!"
    "Thank you for teaching Delaney Jane to be a better singer and player, for encouraging her to compose her own songs, getting her her first two gigs and for being a great teacher and mentor"
    "You are a superhero who ROCKS!"

    Lorri Baier

    Delaney Jane Music


    "I truly have Adrian to thank for my current knowledge in Guitar, Theory and Voice. Adrian was very patient and was a delight to learn from. If it was not for moving out of the Elora area, I am positive that I would still be attending weekly lessons with Adrian. He has always been great at taking the time to help me outside of lessons when I have questions about equipment, shows or the music industry itself. I would highly recommend lessons at Adrian Jones Music School to anyone who wants to take their music talents to the next level."

    Liam Deboer (DEBOER)



    "Adrian Jones is a knowledgeable and patient teacher with a true love of music. Whether you’re just starting out or whether you want to learn something specifically – Adrian can and will teach you everything you need to know. He has a vast knowledge of musical technique and styles, scales, fingerpicking, music theory, proper vocal technique and care. And importantly, he’ll show you how to apply these techniques and theories to the music you’re interested in. I’m still learning and improving on the techniques he taught me. He’s easy going by nature and open to questions and ideas – I was really glad and lucky to have been his student in the early years of my musical career."

    Lynn Jackson


    "I've been playing guitar for over 15 years now - without lessons. In the year since I became a student of Adrian's I have noticed an exponential jump in my playing ability, theoretical knowledge of music, song writing and innovative thinking when approaching my playing. The confidence I have gained shows in my stage performances as well. Adrian has a unique way of relaying theory in practice to his students while providing a comfortable learning environment that sets students up for success. I would, and have, recommended aspiring musicians to Adrian. He is - pardon the pun - simply the best."

    Tyler Plante


    "Lessons with Adrian provided a whole whack of skills that I utilize to this day without even thinking about. I studied Bel Canto voice technique with Adrian for around two years. I learned about projection, control, and breathing but the lessons didn't just stop at the door; Adrian would teach me anything I wanted to learn. I remember him explaining how to setup a mic plug it into a mixer and plug it into the back of a computer. Basically digital recording in a nutshell. After that I was hooked and moved into studying audio engineering techniques. Currently I work in house as a composer and sound designer for a reputable audio production house in Toronto. Adrian is a great friend, teacher, and mentor. If you have any doubts go listen to his music that is where the journey started for me."

    Kevin Chamberlain




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